Can I come without paying a deposit?

No is the simple answer to that one. Unfortunately as much as we would like to trust people, experience tells us good intentions go out the window without an incentive when the festivities start and picking up the pass is sometimes the last we see of those intentions. So sorry deposits has to be a rule for all.

Why do I lose my deposit if I cancel within 28 days of the event?

Experience again! Too many people apply to get the pass and then just change their mind closer to the time. If it was just the odd one with good reason that would be fine but unfortunately it is not. This causes two problems; it means someone who would have really valued that opportunity has now missed out. The second is because shift organisation and administration of volunteers is very time consuming, it is an unwelcome distraction when we should be focussing on delivery at events. So sorry lost deposits has to be a rule for all.

Why is there an admin charge?

Two reasons the administration time for volunteers is generally very high and also because we get charged to process payments.

Why does the deposit take so long to be repaid

Normally it doesn’t and in clear cut cases where shifts have been worked and recorded properly and the correct bank details are given deposits will come back surprisingly quickly. It is only in cases where verification is required.

How will I know where to go and what to do?

Once you have applied for an event you will begin to receive emails providing this information. Once on site you will be introduced to the site manager and information on shifts, health and safety etc will be communicated to you at the team briefing. Also don't forget to check the latest news features.

What if I am late for a shift?

Please remember when you are late for a shift this effects the whole shift. Either they are delayed starting or someone has to come and find you. It is for these reasons that late comers to shift can and do forfeit their deposits, sites are busy and times often critical meaning we are unable to tolerate unreliable staff or volunteers. It is generally expected that you will turn up 10 minutes before your shift to clock in and ensure you have all you need for that shift. 

What should I bring?


Waterproofs – head to toe because it does rain at festivals occasionally!

Good sturdy footwear: flip flops, sandals, heels or bare feet are not acceptable and you will not be able to volunteer in these items. Likewise you will not be able to volunteer in shorts or clothing that does not cover the torso. Trainers are acceptable provided they have a thick sole. Whatever you wear remember you will be walking a lot so be comfortable and be safe.

A hat because it is sunny also at festivals and you will spend a lot of time exposed (to the sun that is).

Sun protection: We do provide sun creams but if you have a preference or object to sharing then it is good to bring your own sun protection.


We provide space in crew camping for tents and for live in vehicles by arrangement, showers and toilet facilities. You must bring with you a suitable tent or a ‘road worthy’ live in vehicle along with suitable bedding material for a cosy and comfortable nights sleep.


Arrangements can sometimes be made for access to crew catering at a reduced price, but you should be prepared to bring food or cash for all meals. It is also a good idea to bring a plate, cutlery and a cup.

Proof of right to work

All volunteers are covered under the same rules as paid worker by Border Controls. We therefore have to see documentation supporting your right to volunteer in the UK. Please bring the following and submit when you arrive.

  • A UK or European Economic Area/Swiss passport
  • A non UK/EEA passport with a valid visa showing your right to work/volunteer in the UK
  • If you do not have a passport, a long birth certificate combined with your National Insurance card is acceptable. Please note a UK driving license is not acceptable as proof and can not be substituted for either a birth certificate or NI card when shown in combination.

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