Lost Village


(‘Give a little and Gain a lot’)

It is not just a great way to visit festivals on a low budget, but it is also an opportunity to see festivals from another side and to meet new friends. At Greenbox Events we make every effort to ensure that the experience is a balance of give and take. In return for between 12 and 16 hours of your time (shifts normally being restricted to 4 hours during the festival and often outside entertainment times) you will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the festivities and acts.

Volunteers are used in a variety of ways on some festivals volunteers will be expected to assist in all litter picking, sorting and bin servicing activities. In others just a few volunteers may be used to champion the recycling and help to increase rates in practical ways. 


Will be charged to cover the ticket price.

The deposit less a £10 admin charge will be returned within 28 days of the last shift being completed, if you wish to volunteer at more than one festival then the deposit can continue on to the final festival and only one admin fee will be charged.


When you volunteer with Greenbox Events you will have access to

  • Crew camping (where facilities allow)
  • Crew showers and toilets
  • Crew refreshments

​You should bring with you a robust tent and warm bedding. Please remember to take your tent with you when you leave and tidy your pitch otherwise you will be removed from any further volunteering opportunities with Greenbox. 

Events for 2021

Shambala Now Shambino ( a smaller Shambala for 2021 only) 


Standon Calling

We Out Here

Lost Village


Love Saves the Day

Tokyo World

If you are still not sure then try the volunteer questions and answers page. If you are sure this is for you then to see the list of events and apply to join us click here