Quantity and Quality

Quality and quantity is what matters and we believe segregation at source is the only way to achieve both. It is unnacceptable for waste providers to be making ludicrous claims of high recycling rates being achieved from piling waste in one container and sorting off site. 

Figures exceeding 40% at anything other than extremely well managed small events and with very green minded audiences along with controlled inputs should be investigated further and audited. The assumption you can throw it all in one bin and sort it later with any reasonable degree of success should be dismissed. Contaminated card, paper, compost and textiles will inevitably end up in landfill along with a percentage of other recyclates non recoverable from mixed waste. 

When we report figures we quote figures that we know we can verify. This is the element of screened recycling that is taken off site and put over a weighbridge. Although we send the remaining waste to transfer stations where further recovery is attempted we never use this in our figures as it can not be substantiated or figures accurately provided.

We continue to achieve rates close to national kerbside figures on site through

  • Clear signage, free from the distraction of advertising

  • Standardisation according to industry guidelines for artwork and colour schemes

  • Recycling options at every public disposal point

  • Facilities for trade segregation along with trader liaison

  • Monitored compliance of inputs on events where food waste is recovered.

  • Source segregation during litter picks 

  • Green and black bag provision to campers, traders and site staff

  • Screening of all recycling materials prior to transfer from site

and we continue to explore methods to increase these rates yet further.